The Roseville Area Youth Lacrosse Association (RAYLA) is committed to engaging youth from the Roseville area (ISD 623) in the sport of lacrosse.

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Return of fundraiser cards
by posted 09/11/2014

For anyone that still has fundraiser cards, I need them returned ASAP! Please reply to email or call/text me at 651.442.6222. 


Thank you


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by posted 08/18/2014
Fall Tryouts Announced for 3-8th Grade
August 24 - Last  Make Up High School Tryout Date
Bringing the Best Coaches and Players Together
The Gold Standard

Tryout to Compete at the Highest Level
For  3-8th Graders
Grad Years of 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019  


Pre-Tryout Clinics - 3-8th Grade  
Sun. Sept. 14 - 12:00pm- 1:45pm - 3/4th & 5/6th Grade
Sun. Sept. 14 -  2:00pm-4:00pm - 7/8th Grade
Tryouts - 3-8th Grade  
Sun. Sept.  21 - 12:00-2:00pm - 3/4th Grade
Sun. Sept.  21 - 2:30-4:30pm - 5/6th Grade
Sun. Sept.  28 - 12:00-2:00pm - 7th Grade
Sun. Sept.  28 -  2:30-4:00pm- 8th Grade

At Benilde St. Margaret Turf

Details HERE
Register HERE


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New US Lacrosse Youth Rules & Best Practices Guidebooks
posted 05/27/2013

New US Lacrosse Youth Rules and Best Practices Guidebooks Now Available

US Lacrosse, the national governing body of men’s and women’s lacrosse, is in the midst of a comprehensive effort to improve the quality of experience for everyone associated with youth lacrosse. A key component of this effort is the development of consistent national rules that are based on the physical, cognitive and psychological development stages of children. The US Lacrosse youth rules have been developed with those stages in mind to focus on player development, team play, sportsmanship and safety.

The Youth Rules and Best Practices Guidebooks are intended as educational tools for players, parents, coaches, officials and administrators to help explain the rules and the rationale behind the rules. The best practices included in these books are as important as the rules. They provide guidelines for youth lacrosse organizations to make sure the emphasis is where it should be – on the health and well-being of the children playing the sport, and their enjoyment and development in the game.

View or download the guidebooks and rules FAQs
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